“It’s the most alternative thing you can do with your spring break. You alternate your home, your friends, and most importantly, you alternate your mission for a week. That is, you focus solely on a community other than your own to improve. This is where I was able to derive my happiness with the experience.”
- Natzem Lima (’16), New York 2013

“What an experience! Having the opportunity to work with an enthusiastic group of middle schoolers and with a great group of MIT students is something that I will never forget.”

- Cody Diaz (’16), Florida 2013

“Alternative Spring Break was an amazing experience. It was refreshing to leave the MIT bubble for a week and gain some perspective on the problems that other people face. Specific experiences, such as being led by a night minister through the streets of San Francisco late at night and conversing with homeless people, were invaluable. Plus I had a great time bonding with my group. It was a rewarding experience and I’m glad I did ASB instead of a traditional spring break.”

- Richard Ni (’15), San Francisco 2013