[FLORIDA] Hello from Sunrise, Florida!

Day 0.
We are spending the week working at FLIPANY Spring Break Adventure Camp, a camp that promotes healthy habits and self-confidence through biking, science, team-building, sports, and nutrition activities. We arrived safely Saturday night, and spent the whole day Sunday exploring Fort Lauderdale beach and getting acquainted with the area. The weather was near perfect, mostly sunny and in the high 80s! We had a great time playing Frisbee, lounging around on the sand, and enjoying the ocean waters. We finished off the day with American Hustle, popcorn, and preparing for Monday’s lesson plans.

Day 1.
We arrived at the campsite in Markham Park this morning at 8:30am to start our first day! Jordan M. and Olivia spent the day at the mountain biking station, hitting the trails with the campers and FLIPANY director, Lynne. Jenny and Cody were in charge of the team-building station, where they led activities such as Tarp Flip, a game in which the campers all had to stand on a tarp and figure out how to completely flip it over without anyone stepping off. Jordan P. and Maggie taught our campers the basics of magnetic fields by working through the magnet battery copper wire experiment. Drew and Ryan led kickball games at the sports station. Tegan worked the nutrition station, where the campers made a delicious apple walnut salad, and Jess facilitated each group with coming up with a team name and making a team banner. Overall, the kids seemed to really enjoy their day. They were interested by the fact that we came from MIT, and spent a lot of time asking about snow and Boston. We also got a chance to hang out with other volunteers at the camp, including medical students from NOVA Southeastern University. We ended the day with a home-cooked meal of baked ziti, salad, garlic bread, and ice cream. Looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow!