[FLORIDA] 100 Calorie S’mores

Today was another fantastic day at FLIPANY. Unlike yesterday, there was hardly a cloud in the sky so we were right on schedule. Today’s science activity, led by Tegan and Jenny, was building some sort of contraption to keep an egg safe from dropping from different heights – otherwise know as Egg Drop. The campers learned about gravity and drag forces to optimize their egg drop container. While a few did end up breaking, most eggs survived safe and sound!

Jordan M. and Ryan led the team-building activity, called “Minefield,” which emphasized communication skills between the campers. The game involved sending one blindfolded camper through a field with various cones, hula hoops, and other obstacles that were to be avoided. The camper could only make it through the field by listening to the instructions of their teammates. The difficulty was increased each time, including not being able to use English, and going through two levels of separation (one teammate who sees the obstacle field can only gesture to another teammate who cannot see the field, and that teammate interprets those gestures and tells the blindfolded camper). The seemed to really enjoy this activity and were engaged the whole time.

The main sport of the day was capture the flag, with bits of basketball, football, and soccer thrown in as well. Jess, Olivia, and Maggie had a ton of fun (and exercise!) both refereeing and playing in multiple rounds of capture the flag. The kids had a ton of fun and became very invested in the game, resorting to “creative” methods such as secretly tying the opponents’ flags to the cone, or masquerading as a member of the other team.

Mountain biking went very well as usual, and the kids loved the 100 calorie s’mores at the nutrition station. After the camp day ended, we decided to cook dinner at home and went for the theme of “Breakfast for Dinner.” We made chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit salad. It was altogether a great day!