[FLORIDA] Happy Birthday Drew!

The fourth day of camp was sunny, beautiful, and tiring. Jordan P. and Olivia went mountain biking, Tegan and Jenny helped out at the “build-a-bike” station, Jess and Ryan taught projectile motion with catapults, Maggie and Cody led the leadership activity, as they kids figured out how to move sleds together, and Drew and I (Jordan M.) led relay races for the sports center.

It was pretty interesting to see how much the groups varied throughout the day, and how much group dynamics affected how people performed in the relay races. Some of the groups we had got very into the races, cheering one another on and really getting quite competitive. Other groups were nearly impossible to motivate, and we spent the time just trying to salvage the activity. In the end though, we found ways to get all the kids active and involved! They seemed to enjoy the other activities; I saw some people getting quite competitive about catapults!

I think my favorite interactions of the day were talking to students who were legitimately excited about what we were doing. One kid talked to us about engineering for a while and was really excited about the possibility of going to MIT.

Today was Drew’s birthday! All the kids were pretty excited about this, and took every opportunity (I mean every) to tell him happy birthday and tease him about how old he was. Some of the interns also bought him cake to celebrate. This evening, we went to Steak and Shake for dinner and giant milkshakes (we are clearly learning lots about nutrition at camp this week!) before going to a Panthers game. The Panthers lost – rather pathetically – but we had fun nonetheless. When we got back, we sliced about 70 oranges in 10 minutes for the kids┬átomorrow, then finished up the evening talking about life…

Happy Birthday Drew!

–Jordan M